The Engineering Orientation Committee

The 2024 Engineering Orientation Committee

Shayaan Shaikh Chair -- "Grrr Chair"

Shayaan Shaikh

Hi there! My name is Shayaan (aka Shaikhspeare 🧞‍♂️ aka Yellow Ranger ⚡️) and I’m le Chaise cette année🍾🪑 ! I’m in my fourth year of Aero in the Avionics stream (technically, although I’m on CO-OP) and I’m super hyped to meet y’all! As chair, I guide, support, and oversee the rest of my amazing team in all their cool kid frosh planning endeavourz (fr they do all the work im jc lmao). If im not Froshing or at work I’m probably in the gym or playin w/ an arduino. Always μing 🤫👈🏾☝🏾. If you have any questions or want some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Alan Rehani Finance Coordinator -- "Arabstotle"

Alan Rehani

Wassup <image this but with swag>. My name is Alan (or Indoobedoobitablee for short) and I’m the Finance Coordinator (Mr. get that bread) this time around. I’m in my 2nd year of Aero and I would make a funny plane joke but I haven’t learned anything yet. Tbh, I’m so excited to work with y’all this year. I’m soooo giddy with joy, y’all might catch me frolicking in some fields (Kerr hall quad). My duties as the Mr Krabs/Finance Coordinator of Frosh week is to make sure we have the funds to make it happen, keep track of where the money is going, and make sure we get the stuff we order. On a real note, I can’t wait for this coming Frosh and I know it might seem daunting but believe in the us that believes in you, y’all can do this.

Lyanna Gatdula Logistics Coordinator -- "Herniaaaa"

Lyanna Gatdula

HI FRIENDS! My name is Lyanna (CONSENT QUEEN CONSENT QUEEN CONSENT QUEEN). I am one of your co-logistics coordinators! I am in my 3rd year of biomedical engineering and I cannot decide how many more years of engineering I want left! My job, alongside my other FANTASTIC co-logistics coordinator, is creating the GREATEST frosh schedule, and keeping things running SMOOTHLY! I love to POWERLIFT POWERLIFT POWERLIFT (on the road to a 600lbs SBD, ez pz) and I love meeting new and unique PEOPLE, LIKE YOU! Let the EngSOC cook, and I swear we will bring out the BEST OF THE BEST for you. PLEASE reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU! #Love

Juneal Ganuelas Logistics Coordinator -- "gernuelas"

Juneal Ganuelas

Yerrrr, My name is Juneal (or Magic Mike) your second Co-Logistics Coordinator, and I'm very excited for y’all to see what me and Lyanaa have planned out for Frosh this year. I’m in my 5th (and hopefully) final year of Mechanical Engineering. Alongside all of the various events, we also plan out Shinerama, which happens on the Friday of Frosh, with the aim to raise money and bring awareness about Cystic Fibrosis. Besides Co-Logs, I’m also Co-Directors for this little thing called EngPlay, maybe you heard of it. Maybe you should check it out 🤭. I’m sooo sooo SOO excited for y’all to see what we have in store, and I can’t wait to see everyone at Frosh! #luv

Aaran Kumaresh Leader Coordinator -- "If It Aint Showin"

Aaran Kumaresh

How is it going everyone! My name is Aaran (a.k.a Wuck Festern or Redacted Jokes). I will be exactly ½ of the brain cells shared between your two LCs. I’m in my 4th year of electrical engineering with probably at least 1 or 2 more to go, but I’m hopeful! My job, along with my Co-LC, is leaders, leaders, leaders. This includes selecting leaders, training leaders, making sure they are all ready to absolutely bring the hype during frosh while ensuring all the first years have a safe and memorable time! Apart from CryEng, I also love sports (soccer, volleyball, etc.), gaming (mostly the major ones), and exploring and adventuring everything this world has to offer. I am so hella excited for Frosh 2024, and to meet all you beautiful and unique people! Our EngSOC team is cooking up something spicy, and I can’t wait for y’all to be a part of it, cooking up your own adventures! If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out.

Bella Duclayan Leader Coordinator -- "En (horny) retard"

Bella Duclayan

Hey slayers <3 im bella! currently known as horny house arrest, formerly known as base to tip? but you can also call me your LC! I am in my 3rd year of Computer software engineering so very slay! I am aaran’s other brain cell (when functioning). As your LC, I get to take care of our leaders! We nurture, train, and prepare you to be metEng ready for the amazing week of frosh. If anything goes wrong, we will be there to save you. (luv u). If you DON'T already know, I am a niche internet micro celebrity :3 catch me at ttv/icyyiisa !! Some people around know me as resident horny jailer aka bonk bella. Trust me, I'm not THAT sus I’'m just misunderstood 🙁 #squaffed. OH! I also love to game, nap, snack, and go to concerts!!!! I may be broke but I will always have enough for a ticket to see one of my spotify top 50 artists in the pit. Always feel free to reach out to me! I don't bite ;). I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT FROSH!!!!

Jacob Bish Communications Coordinator -- "Fe He"

Jacob Bish

Howdy! I’m Jacob (aka Fe He) and I’m the communications coordinator this year! I'm in my third year of aerospace engineering (happily suffering) and I love doing design work. My duties as the comms coordinator include all communications and graphics, such as; running social media accounts, designing merch, and sending email blasts. I’m super excited to be a part of frosh, and I look forward to meeting all of you!

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