The Engineering Orientation Committee

The 2022 Engineering Orientation Committee

Aliyah Briffa Chair "pretty chair"

Aliyah Briffa

Howdy folks 🤠 My name is Ali(yah)/pretty keysmash/Young Musky and I’m the Engineering Orientation Chair 🪑 for Frosh 2022! ✨ I oversee the six other incredible people that you’ve had a chance to meet and help them organize another fantastic Frosh for the incoming class of engineering students! 🐏💜 In my free time, you’ll probably find me completing work for the many other student groups that I’m a part of, crying over Squishmallows, or managing my Pinterest boards. Looking forward to connecting with you all, feel free to reach out anytime! 😇💜

Alexa Bautista Logistics Coordinator "Alexa, YES!"

Alexa Bautista

Hey Alexa! I mean… Hey, I’m Alexa (aka Alexa, NO!) and I’m the Logistics Coordinator! I’m in my 5th year of Industrial Engineering, and I’m here to optimize your frosh experience 😤📈 My job on the team is to create the frosh schedule and make all your frosh-event-dreams come true ✨ I’m so excited to meet you all, and if you have any ideas for super swag frosh activities, I’m all ears! You can always find me in random university brochures, and the offices of teams that I’m not even on 🤪

Prasad Shah Finance Coordinator "Little Girl"

Prasad Shah

Hey folks! My name is Prasad (@pshah_13), and I'm the Finance Coordinator! I’m in my 3rd year of Structural Engineering. I reach out to companies asking for money and make the Engineering Orientation budget. In my spare time during the summer I like doing outdoor activities. Fun fact I went Wild Water Rafting, Canoeing and ATVing all in the same day. I hope to see y'all in the first full in person frosh in 2 years and that you have the best time ever.

Christine Nguyen Communications Coordinator "Brother Husband"

Christine Nguyen

Suh dudes 🤙 I’m Christine aka Indecent Exposure 😳, your one and only 💪Communications Coordinator!💪 I’m in 2nd year Electrical Engineering ⚡️ (yeah, I know, pretty cool💅), and I’m super 🤪 excited 😩 to see everyone 👯‍♂️ this frosh!😤 I’m in charge of 🎨 designing the merch and flags to look extra 🕺 snazzy✨🤩 and take care of the branding 🙌 and social media🤳 for the Engineering Orientation Committee 🤠. When I’m not in my🧍‍♀️covies, you can catch me keeping Netflix™️ in business 📈 by binging shows📺, flexing 💪 about how I was in 🎶Bruno Mars’🎶 top 0.05% 😏 listeners💪😤💪, or reading 📖 a book📚. My fatal flaw is I use too many emojis🙈. Feel free 🤲 to message me anytime! I’m always ⬇️ down ⬇️ to make new friends ☺️💜

Lana Elliott Leader Coordinator "Cum Shot"

Lana Elliott

Hi everyone! My name is the Real Slim Spicy (aka Lana Elliott) and I am one of your Leader Coordinators for this year! My job is basically to host the Frosh Leader interviews and make the application process and forms run smoothly. I entered Toronto Metropolitan in Undeclared and am now in my second year of Aerospace Engineering. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you for our first in-person frosh in TWO YEARS!! (Knock on wood!)

Reyan Anwar Leader Coordinator "One Inch Wonder"

Reyan Anwar

Hello, hello, hello! My name is Reyan/Bath Buddy and I am one of your two LC’s for this year! It’s gonna be a wild ride this time around but I can't wait to meet everyone! I’m a bit of a rarity so if you ever see me in the wild, feel free to throw the nearest spherical object at my head (for all intents and purposes, this is a joke… please have mercy). A little bit more about me: My allegiances lie with cats, favourite hobbies include bothering Lana and playing minesweeper. As for what I do, I help figure out who our next generation of Frosh Leaders will be. Short and sweet.

Christian Richards Shinerama Coordinator "GULPIN?"

Christian Richards

HEY Y’ALL, CHRISTIAN/GRAMMARLY/LUNCHBOX HERE! I’m in my 3rd year of Mechatronics and HYPED AS HECK TO BE THE✨SHINERAMA✨COORDINATOR FOR 2022. I am in charge of working with Cystic Fibrosis Canada in order to figure out how to raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis. I also organize Shinerama on the Friday of Frosh, think of super fun booth ideas and collaborate with other organizations in order to make Shinerama as great as possible. A bit about myself. I’m a big Dungeons & Dragons nerd even though I only play 12 times a year, and I was awarded Wonder Leader for 2021. I love working the most on diversity in the engineering community.