The Engineering Orientation Committee

The 2023 Engineering Orientation Committee

Alexa Bautista Chair "Alexa, CHAIR!"

Alexa Bautista

Hey besties! My name is Alexa, (aka Alexa, YES!) and I’m in my 6th year of Industrial Engineering. I’m back, yet again, to keep optimizing your frosh experience 😤📈 As the Chair, my job is to slay the day away, make sure frosh happens, and keep the OC happy. 🤩 Although my hardhat may be misleading, I’m actually not a horse girl …. Or am I ??? 👀

Cait Tomotsugu Logistics Coordinator "Kum 4 the Kids!"

Cait Tomotsugu

Hey y’all 🤠my name’s Cait or my formal name: Kum 4 the Kids (don’t question it) and I’m the Logistics Coordinator this year 🪵🪵🪵! I’m in my 4th year of Structural Engineering. I’ll be in charge of everything events related during frosh, including making the schedule and planning the events. Can’t wait for frosh this year!!

Dire Ebegbulem Finance Coordinator "Cumsink"

Dire Ebegbulem

Hi I’m Dire (not dire), and I’m the Finance Coordinator for this year’s frosh! I’m in my 4th year of Biomedical Engineering (ngl, don’t know how I made it this far) and I handle the funds allocated to us, making sure there’s proper division for everything we plan to do💰. I also work on getting us sponsorships for frosh (cause people love us enough to give us money, right?). Anywho, I love talking and making music so, let's discuss

Maxwell Steer Communications Coordinator "Dick Distribution"

Maxwell Steer

Howdy yall! I'm Maxwell (aka Dick Distribution) and I will be your communications coordinator this year! That means I make all of the insta posts (like the one you are reading right now), graphics, websites, mail outs, and more! Basically making frosh ✨pretty✨. I am in my 4th year of chemical engineering and am just finishing up my final co-op term! Outside of spending way too long on Illustrator and Photoshop, I like rock climbing and rhythm games. Say hi if you see me on campus! I'll probably be in some corner of the Chem eng section of Kerr hall 🙂

Trang Vuong Leader Coordinator "Priest’s Prize"

Trang Vuong

hEllO ThErE, My name is Trang (aka NyanKate) (She/Her). I am one of the two Leader Coordinators 🏙👧 for this year. I am also in my third year of Electrical Engineering. Our duties are hosting interviews for the Leader Selection team, giving general EDI and Leader training prior to Frosh. My other favorite tasks are keeping Leaders alive and offering advice throughout the week. Fun facts, I hate walking and climbing up stairs but I love dancing. I am also addicted to coffee as well, ‘espresso for my depresso’. Regardless, I am really looking forward to seeing you guys and making this upcoming Frosh one of the best!!! YAYYYYYY

Shayaan Shaikh Leader Coordinator "Yellow Ranger"

Shayaan Shaikh

Hello hello! My name is Shayaan (aka Shaikhspeare), and im ½ LCs 🏙🧔🏽 this year. I’m in my third year of Aero in the Avionics stream and am excited to meet all you cool kidz. My duties as part of this buy 1 get 2 free deal (the math is wrong) are all-things-leader-related, including selecting leaders, training leaders, and making sure the leaders are surviving! If I’m not getting crushed by school work, you’ll probably find me crushing (or being crushed by lolol) some weights at the RAC. If you have any questions or want some advice, reach out to me and I’ll always be happy to help!

Grace Oly Shinerama Coordinator "shameless Plugg*r"

Grace Oly

Hey everyone my name is Grace aka Shameless Plugg*r" (She/Her). I am so excited to be your ✨Shinerama✨Coordinator✨ for Frosh 2023. I am in my fourth year of structural engineering (currently on coop) and I’ll be organizing Shinerama on the Friday of Frosh as well as bringing awareness to Cystic Fibrosis. Some fun facts about me is that I’m a massive music nerd and I am the Head Director of EngPlay (show dates May 26 & 27). Anyways I can’t wait to work with such an amazing team and have Frosh end on an epic note!