House Yoshi 2023

House Yoshi Captain

Jacob (he/him)

Nickname: Fe He

“Hey, I’m Jacob. I’m in my 3rd year of aerospace engineering. I’m so excited to be the captain of house Yoshi! I love playing the guitar, sketching, and starting CAD projects that I’ll never finish. I can’t wait to meet you all in person. Good luck Yoshis one and all.

House Yoshi Co-Captain

Afrah (she/her)

Nickname: Second (+10) Cup

“HEY metEng!! My names Afrah, I’m in 3rd year of biomed Eng. I’m super excited to be co-captain of house yoshi this year! some fun and fresh facts about me is that I live in Whitby (long ass commute), I love reading (the kind of fun fact you’ve said since you were in grade 9 but it’s not true anymore but you don’t know what else to say), and traveling (this is still mostly true)!! Feel free to shoot me a message :)”