House Toad 2023

House Toad Captain

Juneal (He/Him)

Nickname: Magic Mike

“Ayooo, what’s up! I’m Juneal. I’m super excited to be your Captain for House TOAD This year, I’ll be going into my 5th year of mechatronics engineering. In my spare time, I’m usually working on a lil something for this lil thing called EngPlay. Anywho, can’t wait to meet y’all and have an amazing time at Frosh

House Toad Co-Captain

Lyanna (she/her)

Nickname: Consent Queen

“Hi hi! Here’s my bio “HI BESTIES!! My name is LYANNA, and I am your HOUSE TOAD CO-CAPTAIN for FROSH 2023. If y’all ever get lost, just listen to the girl with the loud, obnoxious laugh On my spare time I love to play tennis and ultimate frisbee. IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YALL AT FROSH WWWOOOO