House Penguins 2022

House Penguins Captain

Cait (she/her)

Nickname: Back Eater

Howdy! My names Cait, I’m the captain of house penguins and I’m going into my fourth year of structural engineering. Now that frosh is back in person, I’m super excited to see everyone at all our events throughout the week. I’m really looking forward to purpling since I was a froshie at the last one back in 2019. I can’t wait to do it again as a leader!

Some fun facts about me:

– I got a concussion from a piece of cake

– I enjoy eating from the back


Get ready for house penguins cause pengu…(w)ins!”

House Penguins Co-Captain

Juneal (he/him)

Nickname: L46syxgju18

Ayooo, what’s up! I’m super excited to be your co-captain for House Penguins, and even more stoked to be finally holding Frosh in-person. This year, I’ll be going into my fourth year of Mechatronics engineering. Outside of Frosh, I’m either working on some random CAD project that I’ll most likely not finish, or working on something EngPlay related that will hopefully be finished this year. Can’t wait to meet y’all and have an amazing time at Frosh.”