House Mort 2022

House Mort Captain

Dire (he/him)

Nickname: Plushophile

Who needs an intro when you’ve got chronic depression? * insert emoji smiling with tears in eyes * I’m just playing, my name’s “Plushophile” (don’t ask, just go on with it) or you can call me “Tax in Italian” (also don’t ask, still go on with it.) I am THE captain for house Mort, undeniably speaking, and I’m in my fourth year of Biomedical engineering. (Wait, I’m in my fourth year? Damn, I actually made it this far huh? Anyways) I want to make sure everyone has the best intro to our campus and program. That’s why this Frosh week is going to be the most amazing one yet, for y’all, and for me too, and that’s what I’m aiming for, well that’s what I want (and that’s what’s gonna happen). I like music :)”

House Mort Co-Captain

Bella (she/her/they/them)

Nickname: Base To Tip?

Hey hey hey !! I am a second year Comp Eng Student and I will be your co-captain for House Mort this year! This is my first frosh as a leader so I am JUST as excited as you. I love to play video games, nap, stream, make music, and be an absolute mess wherever I go. You can also easily spot me around campus! Just look for a short Filipino girl with glasses and extremely long hair (probably also napping in the SLC). Can’t wait to see you at frosh!!! :)”