House Melman 2022

House Melman Captain

Alon (he/him)

Nickname: сука

Hey, my name is Alon/сука/Bitch and I am going into my fourth year of Electrical Engineering. I am Captain of Melman house and I am looking forward to all the events we have planned for frosh this year, especially Havenger Scunt! I am a huge star wars nerd and I love movies. Feel free to come and talk to me about anything.”

House Melman Co-Captain

Aaranyan (he/him)

Nickname: Wuck Festern

How’s it going everyone! The names Aaran! And I am your co-captain of House Melman! I’m an electrical engineering student in god knows what year, but we’re grinding through anyways! I’ve had a lot of experience with in person frosh in the past and my main goal this year is to ensure that all y’all froshies have an amazing one! If any of y’all are interested in soccer (or sports in general), world of tanks, valorant, philosophy…. or basically anything else at all hmu. My favourite part about events like these is being able to learn new things from new people through the art of conversation! My messages are open to all, so feel free to reach out! Looking forward to meeting y’all at Froshagascar!!!!”