House Maurice 2022

House Maurice Captain

Manuel (he/him)

Nickname: Penis Penis

Heyo! They call me by many names… some make sense, others are a mystery even to me ;). I’m a third-year-ish Mechatronics student and I’m also the captain of House Maurice! This will be my first fully in person frosh so I’m excited for all the good fun we’re gonna have! I’m so ready to make some amazing memories with y’all! On a more personal note, I love things like 3D Printing, animals, tacos (I really like tacos), cars, and tacos. Feel free to DM me or just come talk to me if you see me :)”

House Maurice Co-Captain

Luca (he/him)


Hey froshies!! My name’s Luca, and I’m a second year Civil Engineering student! If you’re in House Maurice then you’re in luck; I’ll be your Co-Captain! I’ve had a rough go at first year considering NO GIRLS ALLOWED (aka my rad nickname) so go easy on me! I can’t wait for all the shenanigans to start!”