House Luigi 2023

House Luigi Captain

Aaran (he/him)

Nickname: Wuck Festern

“How’s it going everyone! My name is Aaran or Wuck Festern or Redacted Jokes. I am the captain now… of House Luigi and I am absolutely loving it! I am an electrical engineering student, but my passions lie more in photography, soccer, world travelling, etc etc etc. Don’t hesitate to say Hi if you see me around! I can’t wait to make this frosh an unforgettable one!

House Luigi Co-Captain

Bella (she/they)

Nickname: Horny House Arrest

“Helllooo!! I’m Bella and I’m in third year of computer eng! I’m super cool so trust me, theres more to me than all my nicknames. I am a lover of concerts, naps, making music, streaming, and playing games. I am super excited to be your house co-captain this year!! see you at frosh <3”