House King Julien XIII 2022

House King Julien XIII Captain

Sophia (she/her)

Nickname: Spicy Milho

Howdy friends!! I’m Sophia, also known as Pica also known as Spicy Milho going into my 3.5th year of mechatronics eng. Speaking of spicy, I’m super excited to rep King Julien at frosh!!!!! Like King Julien, I really love jamming out to music, specifically reggaetón and rock. Other things I love are animals, being a foody, and complaining about non left handed objects. You could probably catch me a lot of the time building a concrete toboggan or a race car in the Design zone at TMU. Looking forward to move it move it with everyone at frosh this year :)”

House King Julien XIII Co-Captain

Leila (she/her)

Nickname: D*mp Tr*ck

Hello beautiful people! I’m Leila, D*mp Tr*ck, or Asap if we’re cool. Catch me goofing around in third year Structural Civil Engineering this fall! I’m a certified fiend for ******, your dad, and all genres of music (country is very welcome here, sorry x). I’ll be busy all year so let my assistant know when you want to hang out— Just kidding, my DM’s are always open! If you want to win, look for the team with King in its name. Julien on top at this year’s frosh >:)”