House DK 2023

House DK Captain

Kendall (she/her)

Nickname: Girlboss

“Hey y’all my name’s Kendall, but some call me Girlboss, and I’m this year’s captain for House DK!!! I’m starting my third year of biomedical engineering (the best discipline if you ask anyone important) and I’m super excited to meet everyone this frosh! If you see me around please stop me and say hi, I’d love to show you how to girlboss your way around campus

House DK Co-Captain

Tash (she/they)

Nickname: Phuck Phamphlets

“Hello slayers! Tis I, Tashfia (but you can call me Tash). Going into my 2nd year of computer engineering and I cannot wait for my first frosh as a leader !!! Fun fact about me is that despite being a 1st-year leader, i have TWO leader belts :] Can’t wait to meet y’all at frosh 😀