House Daisy 2023

House Daisy Captain

Ryan (he/him)

Nickname: Muscle Mamacita 

“Howdy fellas, my name is Ryan, but my friends call me Muscle Mamacita. I’m going into my final year of Biomedical Engineering, and I’m the one and only captain of House Daisy! You can find me in the wild grinding at the library or the RAC, but I also enjoy cooking, anime, and collecting vinyl. I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that EngPlay Cast Auditions are open!

House Daisy Co-Captain

Sunish (he/him)

Nickname: ELE on Bottom

“YoOOO!! How’s it goin. I’m Sunish AKA ELE ON BOTTOM. I am going in to my third year of Aerospace Engineering and stoked to be your co-captain for House Daisy aka(THE BEST HOUSE) this year . In my spare time I like catching up to the anime episodes I miss or just binge some random novels in the internet. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or need any anime recommendations. Hope ya’all have a great time and an amazing year, peace.