House Alex 2022

House Alex Captain

Christian (he/him)

Nickname: Gnome

Hello there, this is your captain of house Alex speaking. I’m an old fuck from the mechatronics stream too busy questioning existance and the human condition to get anything productive done. That being said I’ve managed to survive 4 years of engineering so I’ve got that going for me at least. Obligatory list of likes: Gaming, Science, and Sleeping.”

House Alex Co-Captain

Trang (she/her)

Nickname: Nyan Kate

Hello, Hello there, My name is Trang Vuong, I am currently in my third year of Electrical Engineering. I will be your co-captain of House Alex. I am a big coffee lover, a weird dancer and a rubik cube hunter. I am looking forward to have so much fun with you guys as well as helping you with your journey at TMU. My quote of the day will be “Bucket Hat is my spirit”.”