Frequently Asked Questions!

Frosh Week is YOUR personal welcome party to the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. As fellow students, we know how hard it is to transition from high school to university so the Metropolitan Undergraduate Engineering Society (MUES) appoints dedicated student volunteers into the Engineering Orientation Committee (The OC) to run an extremely fun week filled with events aimed to get you used to Toronto Metropolitan as well as the city, and to meet your fellow peers for the next 4+ years!

Toronto Metropolitan Engineering frosh week is 100% free for all incoming Toronto Metropoiltan Engineering students!

Frosh week is a wild and fun time. Expect to be walking outside A LOT so bring comfortable shoes and wear a lot of sunscreen and keep hydrated. Keep an eye out for the weather and dress appropriately. Do not bring valuables (Laptops, electronics, jewelry etc), overly large bags. Food will be provided. Feel free to bring snacks (but be sure to keep hydrated as you will be sweating).

We don’t either! All of our frosh week events are dry events for everyone to have fun at! You don’t have to drink to have a good time there, and we won’t be drinking much there either. 

THAT’S THE BEST QUESTION! The point of Frosh Week is getting to know the people that you’ll be spending your time at Toronto Metropolitan with! All of our leaders will tell you that they made a ton of great friends at Frosh Week which is why they chose to become leaders. Just because you don’t know anyone on Monday, doesn’t mean you can say the same at the end of the week. An easy trick to remember for making friends at Frosh Week is to look to the people on your left and look to your right. Introduce yourself and boom, you just met someone new!

WE GOT YOU COVERED! Once again, MUES and the OC pay for your round trip fare to Center Island. Just come out and enjoy the sun!

Yes! More information regarding registration will be distributed with incoming students in early to mid-August 2022.

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No worries, we’re here to help! Email us at frosh@ress.ca.