2022 Frosh Houses

House Alex

They’re bringing the show to frosh, give it up for Christian and Trang!

House Marty

They’ve got some party tricks up their sleeve! It’s captains Grace and Kendall!

House Melman

Did someone call for a bone doctor? House Melman’s captains are Alon and Aaranyan!

House Gloria

Moto moto likes them, it’s Maria and Fatima!

House Penguins

Smile and wave boys, give it up for Cait and Juneal!

House King Julien XIII

They’re gonna move it move it at frosh! It’s captains Sophia and Leila!

House Maurice

You’ll be getting great advice from them, lets cheer for captains Manuel and Luca!

House Mort

[Insert high pitched voice here] Helloooooo! All hail Dire and Bella!